Fire Systems

FireLite 50-point addressable fire alarm control panel

This compact, intelligent addressable control panel supports up to 50 addressable devices of any type of detectors and modules. With an extensive list of powerful features, the control panel programs just like FireLite’s larger products, yet fits into applications previously served only by conventional panels.

Ideal for smaller facilities such as apartment complexes, banks, theaters, daycare centers and schools, department stores, food stores, places of worship, restaurants, small retail stores, and other facilities requiring performance- based, sophisticated technology at reasonable cost!

User Interface


  • AC Power (green)
  • Fire Alarm (red)
  • Supervisory (yellow)
  • Alarm Silenced (yellow)
  • System Trouble (yellow)
  • Maintenance/Presignal (yellow)
  • Disabled (yellow)
  • Battery Fault (yellow)
  • Ground Fault (yellow)


  • Acknowledge/Step
  • Alarm Silence
  • Drill
  • System Reset (lamp test)
  • 16-key alpha-numeric pad (similar to telephone keypad)
  • 4 cursor keys
  • Enter

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