Burglar Alarm Systems

Accessible from your Smartphone, the SAFEGUARD Smart Home is ideally suited for today’s homeowners.

Simple, no button interface!
All interaction occurs via a 5-inch color LCD with graphical user interface!

Features Include:

  • Two-way communication!
  • Battery backup!
  • Emergency fast-action buttons!
  • Integrate siren!
  • Easy to read!
  • User friendly!

This control panel provides four programmable outputs that can be set up to activate external devices during an alarm or other system event. The modular design allows for complete integration of multiple systems within one enclosure, and adding more zones or expanding capability is fast and easy.


All doors that exit or enter the house must have a contact!


This will trigger the alarm as soon as the window is opened. This is a necessity for window break-ins during the night!


These are used to sense an intruder. If the alarm has not been triggered during a break-in, the motion sensor is the secondary option of protection.
Motion sensors can be installed in long halls protect large living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens.

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