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Watch video feeds and view images from your property LIVE
on your tablet, laptop, or smart phone!

with SAFEGUARDS Home Automation Services!

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  • Security
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Alarm.com’s advanced Interactive Security solution offers best in class protection through exclusive features that differentiate our Partners in a competitive market.

Alarm.com provides constant, real-time awareness and video surveillance, all in HD and available on virtually any mobile device.

App features:

  • Send commands to arm or disarm your system remotely.
  • See which doors and windows are open in real time.
  • Instantly be notified of recent motion activity at your property.
  • Watch live video feeds and view stored video clips from your security cameras.
  • Access a complete, searchable history of system and alarm events.

Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera!

SAFEGUARD Security & Surveillance is now introducing the new Wi-Fi Doorbell. The Wi-Fi Doorbell allows you will receive instant notifications when your doorbell is pressed and easily have a two way conversation with guest from your mobile device.

The Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera includes a motion sensor and speaker, allowing you to answer the door, see who’s there, speak with them and record a video. – Get alerts sent to your phone even if your doorbell hasn’t been pressed. Your porch lights will automatically turn on when motion is detected during late night hours!

  • Full Color Night Vision
  • On-Demand Video & Recorded Clips
  • Silent Mode
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Motion sensor
  • Receive a notification when the doorbell is pressed!
  • Speak with your visitors through the built-in speaker!
  • Unlock your door right from the Alarm.com app!
  • Record video clips when the doorbell is pressed!
  • Have lights turn on automatically when the doorbell is pressed!

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